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Exlusive car for your wedding day

Most Brides-to-be have fantasized about their wedding day since they were little girls.
Since first reading Cinderella, they have imagined themselves growing up one day and marrying their own Prince Charming who will then whisk them off in a horse drawn carriage !
Some fantasies do come true but we usually end up having to be realistic too.
Here at Villa Giona Weddings, we have many options for your wedding transport ranging from that fairytale horse and carriage to an open top sports car or a more traditional Rolls Royce or Bentley.
A fun and trendy TUK TUK complete with Ice Bucket & Champagne to an exclusive boat charter on Lake Garda.
Being in Italy , of course we also have Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis and Alfa Romeos and for a more fun element a Vespa or the old time favourite---the Fiat 500.
So from an Alfa to a Zimmer, we will make sure that no one is left behind !!!
However, if you make your choice based purely on fantasy you may end up being disappointed and so we have set out a few tips for you to consider.

Cost can be quite prohibitive when thinking about wedding transport so the main thing is to sit down and consider all forms of transport you will need for your wedding party and your guests.
Start by running through in your mind the wedding day itself . Imagine all the different scenarios from the point of view of the bride, groom, the wedding party and your guests.
Where will they travel from, who can or cannot travel together, does anyone have any special needs, who can arrive at the wedding venue earlier than others, how will you transport guests from the wedding venue to the reception, will the bride and groom or anyone else require transport later in the evening?
This can often incur extra costs for example depending on the time of night a coach has to travel.
Very often it is better to run a shuttle service giving elderly guests a chance to hang up their dancing shoes earlier and your friends to continue with the party till the very end and beyond!!!

You will need to consider:
Transport for the Bride and her Father.
Something nice for the groom and his groomsmen .
Often, this is the bride’s surprise gift to the groom on his wedding day.
We have often been asked to arrange a nice surprise for your husband to be and of course our lips are sealed if this is to be a surprise for him !!
The bridesmaids, Mums and other important family members and of course the rest of your guests.
We can supply coaches of various sizes not only on the wedding day but also transfers to get your guests to and from the airport when they arrive.

Take into account the following:
Distance from the ceremony venue to the reception
Bear in mind that long distances will require more time and that older Classic cars will probably go a bit slower too.
Don’t forget to take into account traffic conditions in some areas especially in high season.
Weather too will play an important part in helping you decide.
Timing is also of great importance.

A horse and carriage for example.
They generally charge by the hour and so if you are driving only a short distance from your ceremony venue to your reception then this will work.
But what will you use after the reception if you need to get to another honeymoon venue?
If you are planning to travel by horse and carriage consider the distance that you are expecting the horse to travel , most serious carriage operators will have a restriction on the total distance that their horses can travel.
Extra travelling time will need to be built in to your plans as the horses will cover the route much slower than a car for example.
Also bear in mind that the route will need to be negotiable for the carriage – as well as the horses, so very steep hills, cattle grids and busy traffic areas could be difficult.
However, this really is a fairytale way to start your special day.
Convertible Sports Cars
Another popular choice is a convertible sports car especially given the lovely weather Italy enjoys.
I have to say that this is usually more of a Groom’s choice rather than the Bride’s.
This option is great only when the weather is perfect and the Bride is not concerned about her hair do.
Having paid out lots of money to look great she normally wants her hair to look good in the wedding photos rather than having a more windswept effect.
A traditional Rolls Royce or Bentley offers luxurious elegance and also protects from the elements, so an option always well worth considering.
Also consider the space available in the sports car if it has to be closed.
Squeezing a big flouncy dress into a small car is not always a good idea.

Wedding cars and the wedding transport is a key part of the timing for your wedding day.
We will probably be working with a number of different transport suppliers and will make sure that they all come together at the right place at the right time.
They will each know what is required in their own specialist fields.
We can assist with choosing and appointing all the right transportation companies for your wedding transport, and with our advice and the fact that they are all locals and have worked with us for many years, all the wheels will turn smoothly on the day.  

We will also make sure that your guests, some of whom may be a lot less concerned about timings and schedules than you are, will be in the right place at the right time.
Organizing your wedding transport is a matter of common sense, mixed with some logical planning and organisation. That’s what we at Villa Giona Weddings are here for.
Don’t forget that after the ceremony, this will be your first journey as Husband and Wife and a time to sit back and relax enjoying this very special moment together.


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