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Get married in Lake Garda

Situated in the North of Italy, Lake Garda is the largest of the Italian lakes.

Stretching like a shimmering blue ribbon, Lake Garda covers 3 of Italy’s 20 regions and offers a unique and heady cocktail of rugged Alpine scenery in the North and the more cosmopolitan and Mediterranean towns and villages in the South.

Small countryside villages clustered in the surrounding hills and the historic towns, once haunts of artists, poets and writers, which flank the lake will offer you an amazing selection of locations for your civil or religious wedding on Lake Grada.
Lemon groves, soaring mountain peaks, cypress trees, shimmering blue waters, olive groves, hilltop castles and a symphony of lush and fragrant flowers are just some of the ingredients we use to create our exclusive LAKE GARDA WEDDINGS.

Served by a number of local airports , (Verona, Brescia and Bergamo), the area is easily reached and offers many alternatives to enable your family and friends to join you for a truly memorable and special day.
Verona, Venice, Milan, Innsbruck and the stunning majestic peaks of the Dolomites are all within a day’s reach and Italy’s largest and most famous theme park, Gardaland, will keep everyone happily occupied.

A large number of boat trips to discover and enjoy the lake will make travelling much more relaxed and peaceful.
The hot spring spas discovered by the Romans and very much present in the Southern area of the lake will provide the all important relaxation before your big day.
A host of sporting activities are also on hand for those seeking to shake off the calories collected in the large number of fine dining restaurants and small family trattorias which are to be found all round the shores of the lake.
Visits are also available to the local vineyards which produce some of Italy and the world’s most famous wines. Bardolino, Valpolicella, Soave and Amarone to name but a few.

So if someone says 2MARY ME ON LAKE GARDA” jump at the chance: it will stay forever in your memories .


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