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If Music be the food of love play on!!

Whether you are planning a Church or a Civil wedding ceremony, a small intimate wedding or a large lavish affair, music will without a doubt play an important role in the day.
Whether you choose a live band, a string quartet, a DJ or even plan to do it yourselves with an iPod, your musical choices will set the pace for your wedding day.

Wedding music is something which is remembered by most guests and so it is important to plan your music and to have an outline where all the key moments will be covered. If you are having a theme-wedding then it is always a good idea to have this reflected in your choice of music.

Choosing the right music to suit your wedding day can often be a difficult task.
As a qualified classical musician, accomplished pianist and soprano, Marion at Villa Giona Weddings is passionate about all aspects of your wedding but music is obviously something very dear to her heart.

“All of our musicians must meet my own very high standards before I will suggest them to my couples for their important day” says Marion. “They have all been auditioned by myself and as I also speak the language of music it is a huge advantage when I have to discuss repertoires with them”. “They know that I don’t accept second fiddle from anyone” jokes Marion “and so we are in perfect harmony from the first bar”.
Most of our musicians are professionally trained and many are soloists in the orchestra and choir of L’ Arena di Verona . They have performed all over Italy and in some of Europe’s most famous concert halls.

One important thing is to decide what kind of atmosphere you want to create and at what point in the proceedings and then to choose music to suit.
The main musical interludes are normally, during the ceremony itself, for the champagne reception, perhaps some soft background music during the meal, and obviously something a bit more lively for letting your hair down and dancing to later on in the evening.

It is important to vary the music according to each part of your event, creating just the right atmosphere for each, offering your guests different sounds and emotions.

“It is also important that your own musical taste is brought into the equation.
That is why I always encourage our couples to draw me up a list of their favorite music, even for the DJ “ says Marion.

Also consider the location and the time of day.
In the case of an outdoor ceremony, always take into consideration any background noises which may occur and discuss wither it is necessary to have an amplification system set up.
If this is the case then make sure that there are sufficient power points in that area of your venue.

Very often your wedding music is entrusted to amateurs in order to reduce costs.
It really is worth allocating some of your budget to professional musicians.

Hit the Right Notes and your wedding day will be enjoyed and remember by all.

See below for some ideas of where to have music and to meet the “Villa Giona Weddings” Band!



When selecting your ceremony music bear in mind the formality of the event, religious connotations and also the length of the ceremony itself.
If you are having a Church ceremony then normally they will have set certain guidelines .
Most religious denominations consider a wedding ceremony to be a form of worship and for this reason most churches do not allow secular music ( non-religious popular music) during the actual ceremony. Most will allow this while guests are being seated, but not during the ceremony itself.
Check with the church for more specific guidelines as they can vary greatly.
On the other hand, Civil ceremonies do not allow religious readings or music to be played.

A Religious Ceremony normally includes prelude, processional, ceremony, recessional and postlude music.

Prelude Music
This is played for 15-30 minutes before the bride arrives at the ceremony venue (religious or civil) and while guests are arriving and being seated.
Music at this point can set the mood and relax your guests, especially if they have had a long journey! Many couples leave this choice to the musicians, but it is your day, you are welcome to have as much or as little input as you would like.
Popular choices for this are:

Wachet Auf-J.S.Bach,
Badiniere from Suite N°2 J.S.Bach,
The Dance of the Blessed Spirits-Gluck,

Processional Music
This is played as the wedding party enters the venue.
The brides big moment! The moment everyone has been waiting for!!
This is one moment where the bride must feel that the music reflects how she wants to enter her wedding venue. She must feel 100% at ease with her entrance.
Do you want a dramatic fanfare approach or something a bit more low key?
Popular choices for this are:

Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Handel
Canon - Pachelbel
Trumpet Voluntary (Prince of Denmark’s March) - Clarke
Bridal Chorus (Here comes the bride) - Wagner
Trumpet Tune – Purcell

Ceremony Music
This is the music you will add during various parts of the ceremony for example the lighting of the wedding candles, during communion and signing the register.
Popular choices for this are:

Canon – Pachelbel
Salut d’Amore- Elgar
Ave Maria-Schubert
Ave Maria –Gounod
Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring-J.S.Bach
Alleluja from Exultate Jubilate-Mozart
Air on a G String-J.S.Bach
Intermezzo from Cavaleria Rusticana-Mascagni
Panis Angelicus-Franck
A soprano or tenor singing Ave Maria or Panis Angelicus will guarantee not a dry eye in the house.
Always recommended for a sublime and moving atmosphere.

If you decide to have hymns during your ceremony , then please try to choose ones which are well known by most people and that your guests are likely to sing them.
There is nothing worse than having to go through 3 verses of an embarrassing silence!!

Recessional Music
This should be a piece of joyful music to celebrate your marriage as you walk back down the aisle as husband and wife.
Popular choices for this are:

Trumpet Voluntary - Stanley
Wedding March - Mendelssohn
Hornpipe from the Water Music - Handel
La Rejouissance from Music for the Royal Fireworks - Handel

Civil Ceremonies

The musical examples and suggestions above are those most suited to a Church Ceremony, however, obviously many of them can also be used but in the case of a Civil Wedding Ceremony in Italy.
In the case of a Civil Ceremony, you have a lot more choice of music available as you can also use
more modern music and select from your favourite or meaningful melodies.


Music is also a major part of your reception and should be planned carefully.
Music will create the atmosphere of your reception party and will be remembered and enjoyed by your guests for a long time to come.
When selecting your music for the reception, it is a good idea to keep in mind the age and musical tastes of your guests.
It is unlikely that everyone will share the same musical tastes so try and keep it as varied as possible.
There are many options for reception music, string Quartet, Harpist, Jazz Band, Orchestra, Band, Clarinet/Saxophonist, DJ etc. the list is endless.

If you would like one of the musicians to act as a master of ceremonies then make sure that they have a complete timetable of the event in order to coordinate the entrance of the bride and groom, toasts, first dance, cutting of the cake and so on.

Entrance of the Bride & Groom

The moment when you will officially be presented to your family and friends as the new
Mr & Mrs ...
This is a grand entrance so select music to fit the occasion.
This can be as low key as you want it to be but worth spending time thinking about the kind of entrance you want to make and if you want it to be moving, dramatic or even funny!!
The choice is yours but make sure your musicians know the mood you want to set so that they can build up to it with suitable music beforehand.

The Champagne Cocktail Reception

The Cocktail Reception may or may not be in the same venue as your ceremony and so this will probably determine how you want to arrange your music and musicians.
If your venue is different from the ceremony one then it is a good idea to change the style and type of music reflecting the more party like atmosphere which is about to get underway.
It is always a lovely touch to have music playing in the background as your guests mingle around the area set aside for the cocktail and also to keep them entertained while you the couple are perhaps having photographs done around the location.
Our 10-12 piece Jazz Band is not only musically entertaining but also visually stunning as they set up on the lawn in front of the sparkling fountains. A real touch of class is added here
Harp or String Quartets are also suitable for this part of the event.
Smooth Jazz, Instrumental versions of popular and local melodies and also some light classical music are all great choices at this point.
The Wedding Banquet

During your Wedding Banquet you may or may not wish to have music playing.
As a general guideline we suggest that music should be just loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to intrude in your guests conversation.
Again here the string quartet, harpist or saxophonist are ideal choices.
Or you could ask your DJ to set up some soft background music.
If you are having speeches then make sure that the musicians/DJ knows at what point and they could also help you with suitable musical introductions etc.

The Party

When selecting a band or DJ for your Wedding Reception you first need to think about the atmosphere you want to create.
Do you want a big party atmosphere with dancing or a more low key background music allowing for more conversation.?

Whatever you decide , try to have them play a bit of everything from 50’s to more present day.
Remember that you will most likely have a wide range of ages and musical tastes so it’s a good idea to have everyone involved.

All of our bands and DJs have a wide repertoire and are well versed in weddings.
They all know that a really good band or DJ can make a wedding!

The First Dance

The first dance is one of the most waited for parts of the reception and if chosen well can be either moving or entertaining. The choice is yours.
All couples are different when it comes to their first dance together as husband and wife.
Some like the Fred Astaire /Ginger Rodgers approach while others are terrified at the thought. Don’t worry you do what is best suited for your own musical tastes, dance skills and personalities.

Some couples prefer just to sway to their special tune which is fine while others have a fully choreographed performance lined up.
Many dance school now offer special first-dance classes to help you plan this special event.

Most couples choose a first-dance song that holds a special meaning to them and reflects their feelings for one another.
In the case of a themed wedding the first dance could even be based on the wedding theme.
Others go for a more light hearted approach and there is nothing to say that it has to be romantic and smoochy!
There is nothing wrong with a funny light hearted first dance that will make your guests chuckle.
Tips for a First-Dance Success

Make sure you know the lyrics of your first song and that they are appropriate.
The Police hit “Every Breath you Take” is about a stalker while Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” is about his heroin habit!!!

If you want your wedding band to play your first dance, make sure that they are familiar with the track and if possible have a rehearsal with them first or at least ask them to do you a trial disc so that you can practise at home before the big moment.

Decide at what point in the proceedings you want to introduce your first dance.
Every wedding at Villa Giona is different and there is no right or wrong time for the first dance.
Try to have someone announce the first dance as this is something most guests will crowd around to watch and then hopefully join you on the dance floor to get the party going with a swing.

Relax and enjoy your first dance together as husband and wife.


A string quartet/quintet is an ideal size for all sizes of weddings and the combination of two violins, viola and cello (or even substituting flute, oboe, harp or voice) can create a wide range of effects ranging from delicate and subtle to a fuller rich string sound, suitable for a range of venues ranging from a small Church to a large majestic Cathedral , an outdoor reception or even a marquee.

The string quartet is perfect to accompany the bride down the aisle, for entertaining guests at a Champagne Reception,or as soft background music during the Wedding Banquet itself.

Being completely mobile, a string quartet has the added advantage of needing no power supply and so becomes a great choice for a civil ceremony or an outdoor Summer wedding.

The string quartets repertoire lends itself perfectly to some of the most popular pieces chosen for the actual ceremony such as the stunningly beautiful and poignant “Canon In D” by Johann Pachelbel, “Air On the G String” by J.S.Bach, excerpts from “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi.

Adding a Soprano or Tenor to the quartet is also a beautiful way of creating a very moving and sublime atmosphere.
Shubert’s Ave Maria, Frank’s Panis Angelicus, Gounod’s Ave Maria will guarantee that there will be not a dry eye in sight.

Our String Quartet is made up of soloists from L’Arena di Verona orchestra and choir and so a very high standard of performance is guaranteed.


The strains of the harp is an excellent choice if you wish to add an extra touch of elegance and romance to your Italian Wedding.

Our harpist Andrea is the leading soloist with the highly acclaimed Arena di Verona Orchestra and has studied and performed extensively throughout Italy & Europe.

Andrea can provide sublime music for all parts of your wedding ceremony, ranging from the ceremony itself to beautiful relaxing music during your photographs, Champagne reception and even as sotto fondo (background music) to the wedding breakfast itself.

With a wide and varied repertoire, he can perform, classical, traditional Italian and also more modern pieces.

Andrea has 2 beautiful antique harps which apart from sounding sublime, also look visually stunning.

Very often he will join forces with one of our sopranos or tenors, with violin or flute all again highly acclaimed soloists in their own right.

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