Claudia & Mark
Monday 27th July 2009

Claudia  & Mark

Ciao Marion.

We are back home and safe. and finally it is all sinking in. adrenaline levels are going back to normal and I am having a late morning coffee with my husband!

With all going on I failed to acknowledge a few things and that's why I am now writing a mail.

I want to thank you for the good work on the wedding day and also for the care and attention throughout the week end towards our friends and families. 
I really appreciate it, but hadn't told you yet.

As you might have noticed , I am quite a perfectionist and a control freak, so I am sure I have been quite a pain at times.
But hey... can't really change at my sweet age!  ha ha ha 

Everyone had a brilliant time. the only "criticism" was that everyone wished it had lasted longer! ;)
that's all. thanks again.
a presto.
Claudia & Mark xx

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